2011 Berkeley Open Results

Here are the results of the 2011 Berkeley Open on the 2011 JOOLA North American Tour! Congratulations to Zhou Xin on his wonderful performance in the Open event.  Thanks again to all the spectators and participants at the event! For more information, visit www.natabletennis.com

Events Concluding in Single Elimination

Event # Event Name First State Second State Final Score
1 Open Xin Zhou CA Jian Xu Liu FN 5,11,6,-9,8
2 Women’s Maggie Meng Tian CA Ariel Hsing CA 7,-11,-9,10,6
3 Under22 Men’s Lai Wei CA Mu Hsuan Ku CA 6,-9,7,7
4 Under22 Women’s Ariel Hsing CA Maggie Meng Tian CA 10,10,-7,10
9 Under13 Boy’s Kunal Chodri CA Kanak Jha CA 6,-10,3,9
10 Under13 Girl’s Ishana Deb CA Luvena Huo CA -5,7,5,6
13 Over40 Khoa Dinh Nguyen CA Wai M. Wong CA 5,8,5
16 Under2500 Khoa Dinh Nguyen CA Jhong-You (Michael) Jiang CA 9,9,8
17 Under2375 Aashay Patel CA David Heng-wah Zeng CA 16,7,7
18 Under2250 Aashay Patel CA Voltaire Benedicto CA 7,6,9
19 Under2125 Nelson Yu CA Peter Chen CA 7,6,7
20 Under2000 Jordan Yee CA Bryant Lin CA -5,6,-10,11,7
21 Under1850 George Zhao CA Jared Wong CA -8,9,5,-7,9
23 Under1550 Evan Tung CA Ishana Deb CA 7,7,10
24 Under1400 Rohan Mannem CA Neel Neelakantan CA 8,9,-9,8
25 Under1250 Thomas Lian CA Kenneth Hongning Tang CA 6,4,9
26 Under1100 Abhishek Rengarajan CA Robert He CA -4,8,8,6
27 Under950 Abhishek Rengarajan CA Nikhil Kumar CA 11,-8,11,7
28 Under800/Unrated Benjamin Lam CA Abhishek Rengarajan CA -5,9,11,10
29 Open Doubles SE Mu Hsuan Ku & Jhong-You (Michael) Jiang CA Bryant Lin & David Heng-wah Zeng CA 3,8,8
30 U3600 Doubles SE Jerome C. Poon & Nelson Yu CA Matt Moriguchi & Cole Cloud CA 9,8,9
31 Over 40 Makeup George Siu CA Reza Hussein WA 4,4,4

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Event # Event Name First State Record Second State Record
5 Under18 Boy’s David Heng-wah Zeng CA 2-0 Victor Liu CA 1-1
6 Under18 Girl’s Erica Tran CA 2-0 Angela Guan CA 1-1
11 Under10 Boy’s Timothy Yung CA 2-0 Shreyas Prasanna CA 1-1
12 Under10 Girl’s Jia-Yu Sung CA 4-0 Rachel Sung CA 3-1
14 Over50 Voltaire Benedicto CA 4-0 Jian Zhuang CA 3-1


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