2011 ITTF Hope Challenge

The ITTF Hope Challenge is happening next weekend from June 25 to 26 at the Werner Schlager Academy in Austria.  This training camp & competition will feature the most talented players under 12 from all around the world!  We are very excited that Newman Cheng, Kunal Chodri & Kanak Jha will be representing the US!  Newman is 1 of our rising juniors from JOOLA sponsored Grace Lin’s Table Tennis Club (GLTTC) & Kunal is a rising junior from JOOLA sponsored Indian Community Center (ICC).
Check out the article below from the ITTF’s website:

2011 ITTF Hopes Challenge

Over 130; that is the quite staggering number of young players, coaches and officials who will attend the Werner Schlager Academy in Austria, from Monday 20th to Sunday 26th June 2011, for the ITTF World Hopes Week.
It is an exciting new project organised by the International Table Tennis Federation under the direction of Mikael Andersson, ITTF Executive Director Education and Training.
A total of 49 boys and 26 girls will participate in a specially organised Training Camp with 53 boys and 40 girls competing in the “Hopes Challenge” tournament that will bring proceedings to a conclusion.
Fun and Rewarding
“I am proud to announce that we, the Werner Schlager Academy, the Austrian Table Tennis Association and the International Table Tennis Federation, are ready to meet the young athletes with a whole battery of outstanding coaching experts and prominent guests in order to provide a fun and rewarding experience for all the young players, their coaches and supporters”, said Mikael Andersson who has prepared a most comprehensive programme.
The programme not only includes coaching for the young players and a tournament; there are educational sessions planned for players, coaches and parents alike plus “Meet the Champions”, an exciting special feature.
Michael Maze and Krisztina Toth
Denmark’s Michael Maze and Hungary’s Krisztina Toth are the champions in question, who in addition to the special feature, they will also be attending some of the training sessions.
An Investment
“The Austrian Table Tennis Association strongly supports this kind of investment in talented young athletes from all continents; they represent the future of our sport”, said Rudi Sporrer, the General Secretary of the Austrian Table Tennis Association. “We warmly welcome all players, coaches, officials, umpires and accompanying guests to Austria.”
A warm welcome and certainly there is an impressive line up to welcome all concerned.
Mario Amizic and Dirk Wagner, Head Coaches at the Werner Schlager Academy, will be on duty assisted by Provas Mondal; they will join forces with the Dejan Papic, the Head Coach of the ITTF Hopes Team with Dennis Davis from the United States, Sweden’s Anders Johansson and Aleksey Yefremov of Belarus completing the coaching team.
First Class Venue
Also, of course, in attendance will be Werner Schlager, the man who so sensationally won the Men’s Singles title at the Liebherr World Championships in 2003.
“One of my key responsibilities is to provide to as many of our young players as possible, in cooperation with the ITTF, the equipment suppliers and the national organizations, the full range of capabilities of our training centre”, said Werner Schlager. “The conditions you will find here are far beyond anything I would dare to dream about as a young athlete; these conditions, if used properly, will make the way to the top of the international level much easier than the road I travelled.”
ITTF Staff
A full programme is on the menu with, in addition to Mikael Andersson, Glenn Tepper (Executive Director – Development), Raul Calin (ITTF Global Junior Programme Director), Polona Cehovin Susin (ITTF Department Programme Manager and Acting Competition Manager for the ITTF Hopes Challenge) and Zita Pidl (ITTF Hopes Team Manager) all being present.
An unforgettable week is promised.
*Courtesy of ITTF – www.ittf.com

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