2012 Berkeley Open Results

Yonghui Liang - 2012 Berkeley Open Champion

Congratulations to 2012 Berkeley Open Champion, Yonghui Liang.  He defeated Zhou Xin in a very close match.  If you missed out on the event, watch our video recap here!

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Events Concluding in Single Elimination

Event # Event Name First State Second State Final Score
1 Open Liang, Yonghui CA Zhou, Xin CA 5,-9,9,-1,-10,10,10
4 Under22 Women’s Huo, Luvena CA Gu, Willa Tammy CA 3,-9,9,-6,9
6 Under18 Girl’s Jiang, Diane CA Pingali, Vidya CA 3,5,7
7 Under13 Boy’s Chen, Michael CA Gao, Felix CA 7,-7,8,-10,6
8 Under13 Girl’s Deb, Ishana CA Guo, Stephanie CA 4,11,9
10 Under10 Girl’s Guo, Stephanie CA Chen, Stephanie CA 7,6,8
11 Over40 Au, Kevin Duong CA Nguyen, Trieu-Tien H. CA 8,8,-8,8
13 Over60 Sakai, David MD Varela, Steve NV 9,8,7
14 Under2500 Nguyen, Khoa Dinh CA Nguyen, Justin CA 7,6,11
15 Under2375 Ding, Billy Xu WA Zeng, David Heng-wah CA 8,-6,5,8
16 Under2250 Yu, Nelson CA Surmann, Olaf CA 10,9,12
17 Under2125 Chen, Michael CA Gao, Felix CA 8,7,9
18 Under2000 Tung, Evan CA Shen, Kevin CA 10,-7,9,9
19 Under1850 Jackson, Jace CA Tran, Vincent CA -11,9,9,12
20 Under1550 Fong, Scott CA Tam, Yu Man CA -9,5,-8,10,7
21 Under1400 Tang, Richard CA Tseng, Ryan CA 7,10,11
22 Under1250 Fu, Zheng CA Fong, Roger CA 3,5,5
23 Under1100 Fong, Roger CA Ramaswami, Shreyas CA 9,8,-1,-7,9
24 Under950 Darukhanawalla, Malcolm CA Sribhashyam, Sashrik CA 6,3,6
25 Under800/Unrated Shiju, Tharun CA Nagvekar, Sanam CA 6,5,4
26 Open Doubles SE Liang, Yonghui & Liu, Dan CA Zeng, David Heng-wah & Lin, Bryant CA -8,4,10,4
27 U3600 Doubles SE Kahng, Alex B & Kahng, Aidan H. CA Gao, Felix & Poon, Jerome C. CA 5,8,16

Events Concluding in Round Robin

Event # Event Name First State Record Second State Record
2 Women’s Jiang, Diane CA 4-0 Tian, Maggie Meng CA 3-1
3 Under22 Men’s Lin, Bryant CA 2-0 Ding, Billy Xu WA 1-1
5 Under18 Boy’s Zeng, David Heng-wah CA 2-0 Tong, Howard CA 1-1
9 Under10 Boy’s Kumar, Nikhil CA 3-0 Fong, Shawn CA 2-1
12 Over50 Wong, Wai M. CA 4-0 Sakai, David MD 3-1

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