2012 February Philadelphia Open Tournament Results

Trolley Car Table Tennis Club, located at the Falls Center, is Philadelphia’s only full time table tennis club.  On February 11-12, the 2012 February Philadelphia Open was held.  JOOLA USA is proud to have been the official ball sponsor of the event.  Results of the events are listed below.
Champion: John Mark Wetzler
Finalist: Vladimir Iodkovskiy
Under 2400
Champion: Gabriel Skolnick
Finalist: Calvin Tinhang Chan
Under 2150
Champion: Lennox Douglas
Finalist: Alex Polyakov
Under 1900
Champion: Ken Weinstein
Finalist: Qi Guo
Under 1650
Champion: Leonid Polishuk
Finalist: Joe Schorn
Under 1400
Champion: Helen Wilson
Finalist: Lou Schlessinger
Under 1150
Champion: Matthew Dillon
Finalist: Shay Sinha
Under 800
Champion: Ross Sweed
Finalist: Ken Chia
Under 2900 Doubles
Champion: Matthew Dillon / Gerald Reid
Finalist: Shay Sinha / Lou Schlessinger

JOOLA – For The Champion In You!
JOOLA, The official ball sponsor of the 2012 Trolley Car Table Tennis Club Tournaments
Official Apparel Sponsor of the US National Team.
Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals.
Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier of the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics.
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