2017 Aurora Cup – Growing and getting better every year

Having attracted over 300 players in the past two years, the organizers of the 2017 Aurora Cup understand that we have to keep improving the tournament experience to maintain our reputation for well-run tournaments.

One of the improvements for 2017 is an increase in total prize money from $8,600 to $10,000, with $2000/$1000 being offered for the Open Singles winner/runner up.  For more details of each event please visit the tournament website.

Secondly, the tournament has finally created its own brand, making all forms of communication look professional and uniform.  The logo and attractive color scheme have been used on the totally redesigned blank entry form, tournament website, e-mail marketing campaign, trophies, and decorations which will be used at the tournament.  The ultimate goal is to make the quality of your experience approach the level of the ITTF sponsored tournaments.

Aurora Cup Venue

JOOLA has graciously agreed to sponsor the tournament again.  The tournament will feature 38 really fully barriered 19 x 38 courts, 3000 SC tables and use seamless JOOLA Flash poly ball.  The beautiful crystal trophies have been funded by another long time sponsor Infogix, Inc. – an enterprise software company headquartered in Naperville, IL.

To date, over 200 players have signed for a total of 24 events spread over 3 days (01/13 – 01/15).  At this point online registration via OmniPong is the recommended way to register and pay for entry.

The tournament organizers would like to thank all participants who played in past Aurora Cup tournaments, for supporting it and helping it grow.  We wouldn’t be able to create this experience without your support and suggestions. We hope you enjoyed it enough to play in its 2017 edition.

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