A Closer Look: The JOOLA Rosskopf Allround

A closer look on the JOOLA Rosskopf Allround
By Tom Nguyen
The Rosskopf Allround
Quick Stats
Speed: Medium
Control: Medium High
Strategy: All/Off-
Construction: 5+2 ply blade (Limba, Abachi, Black Paper)
Weight: ~85-90g
The Rosskopf Allround blade is a classic, usually recommended for beginners or players who are looking for an emphasis on control.  It has long been a favorite in the JOOLA line of blades and for good reason!
Joola Rosskopf Allround Composition
The Rosskopf allround blade is a 5+2 ply blade composed of Limba, Abachi, & Black Paper.  Its core possesses a thick ply of Abachi, giving the blade strength and speed.  However, this ply is also highly elastic, enabling the blade return to form after each shot.  In addition, the black paper layers serve to help absorb the ball, thus providing more control.  Lastly, the outer plys are Limba, a softer wood that not only gives you control, but also greater touch and feeling for the ball.  All the plys are glued together using our high tech flow glue (the same glue used in airplane construction), which is heated to improve fluidity so that it reaches the tiniest of pores within the veneers, thereby providing minimal vibration.
The JOOLA Rosskopf Allround
After understanding the composition of the blade, it is easy to see why the Rosskopf Allround can offer optimal feel, control, and speed. In terms of density/stiffness, the Rosskopf Allround is considered to be in the medium range.
The JOOLA Rosskopf Allround
This blade gives players good speed and great control, but most importantly, touch, and feel.  It is perfect for beginners to learn and master their shots and equally accommodating for any player seeking a blade with great touch and feel in general!
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