A Trip To The Austin Table Tennis Association

During my trip to Austin for the SXSW Fader Fort event, I had a chance to visit the Austin Table Tennis Association (ATTA).  After my visit, I have to say, this city is one of the luckiest cities in the US to have such an beautifully designed table tennis club.  ATTA is a custom built facility that houses 16 professional grade tables and provides wood flooring, high ceilings, as well as bright lights to illuminate each court.  In addition, each table is surrounded by barriers, ensuring more than adequate space for playing.  ATTA even went a step further and constructed a viewing deck and lounge above the playing area to allow spectators the luxury of “box seating”  with several couches and a giant flat screen TV!  Most remarkably, the sense of community among the members of ATTA really made an impression on me.  The customization of ATTA was the result of a collective effort between the members and it was very moving to see how invested each member was in the success of the club.  I had a wonderful time meeting new people and playing table tennis, so if you’re ever in Austin, I highly recommend that you take the time to stop by! Check out the gallery below!
Austin Table Tennis Association
8956 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX 78758
Located at AAA Storage
Phone: (512) 491-7664
– Tom Nguyen
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