Amelie Solja


Name: Amelie Solja

Age: 18

Date of Birth: September 29, 1990

Club: TTSV Saarlouis-Fraulautern

Residence: Wrth am Rhein, Germany

Marital Status: Single

Grip: Shakehand Right

Special Stroke: Backhand chop/block with long pimples

– Blade: Chen Weixing Defender
– Forehand Rubber: Amy Control
– Backhand Rubber: Amy Control

Hobby(s): Painting, doing handicraft

U-21 World Ranking: No.28 March 2009
World Ranking:
No.134 March 2009

European Championships
-2008 2nd junior singles, 2nd junior doubles, 3rd junior mixed
-2007 2nd junior singles, 3rd junior doubles, 3rd junior mixed
-2006 1st junior doubles
-2005 3rd singles, 1st doubles, 2nd team, 3rd Mixed
-2004 3rd singles, 3rd team, 5th mixed
International Championships
-2008 runner-up singles World Junior Championships
-2008 1st doubles Europe Top 10
-2007 2nd Europe Junior Top 12
-2006 3rd World Junior Championships doubles
-2005 World Cadet Challenge Santa Domingo 1st team Europe, 3rd singles
-2005 Hungary 1st singles, 1st doubles, 1st team
-2005 Poland 3rd singles, 1st doubles, 1st team
-2005 Spain 2nd singles, 1st team
-2005 Portugal 3rd singles, 1st team
-2004 Poland 1st singles
-2004 Spain 2nd singles
-2004 Hungary 3rd singlesl
-2004 Slowakia 3rd singles
-2004 Germany 3rd singles, 1st team
German Championships
-2005 DTTB Annual Ranking Tournament 2005-2006 1. Platz
-2005 German Champion Cadets and Youth
-2005 2nd Mixed Cadets
-2005 1st doubles Cadets
-2005 DTTB Cadets Top 12 1st
-2004 Girls 1st singles
-2004 Cadets 1st doubles, 3rd mixed, 3rd singlesl
-2004 German Top 16 1st
-2004 German Top 12 1st
-2004 German South West Championships Women 2nd singles
-2004 Rhineland Palatinate Championships Women 1st singles
-2003 Cadets 1st singles
-5 titles at German South West Championships,
-more than 20 Titles at bei Rhineland Palatinate Championships

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