An update and some tips from Tina Lin

Just last week, I went to Baltimore, MD for the NATT Team Tournament. I’ve watched many top players compete for the spot of number one. I feel that this is one of the major tournaments of America because it is a great opportunity to make friends and meet with them again after a year. It’s a time to have fun and compete at the same time. This team tournament is about teamwork and encouragement. When a teammate is losing, you don’t complain, you encourage him/her so that they can do better. I realized during that tournament that your enthusiasm and spirit of table tennis is very important and that you need to be mentally strong. Even when you’re losing, you can’t give up, you need to keep trying. You shouldn’t get frustrated or get mad at yourself, but instead, you should calm yourself, play your game and try your best. That way, even when you lose you won’t regret it because you’ll know that you’ve given it your best effort.

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