An update from Anand

Anand EngineerNow that US Nationals are coming up I am really trying to find as much time as possible to train. I am playing at minimum an hour each during weekday and about 3 to 4 hours during weekends. I have started doing some physical training to improve my footwork. I train with Coach Lin twice a week. Also, I train with Thilina Piyadasa and Steven Chan. Now that Jeff is in college I am unable to practice with him. I really miss playing with Jeff. Practice session with Jeff was really fun. Coach Lin is really working hard with me and other kids in the club. I have to do multi ball training for about 30 minutes every day and it is very intense. My physical training is really helping me improve my stamina.

 I went to Ecuador to play an ITTF tournament in September. The tournament was quite eventful as I did not get my luggage for 3 days due to missed flight from Miami to Ecuador. I really played well and team USA came in 2nd place in the team event.

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