An update from Ethan Chua

Ethan ChuaHey everyone! I have just recently come back training in China for the summer.  I have trained overseas before but I think this trip to China was a whole lot different, different in training and different in how I feel about my play overall.The coaches in China focused on training not only the complex aspects but also the simple techniques in order to build my game, they also trained me mentally. The coaches made us do the type stuff that you would never even think of and workouts we dreaded all so we could build our confidence. Training was three hours each session, partnering practice in the morning and multi-ball in the afternoon .  I got to get to know many of the players there and learned their own techniques. I feel like I improved since this trip and I’m pleased with how I play now.  Im very thankful to my coach Grace Lin, my family and my sponsor Joola for supporting me.

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