An update from Peter Li

Hi everybody, its been a while since Ive updated my blogs. Ive been training hard recently in preparation for the upcoming North American Teams tournament. My teammates are Han Xiao, Amaresh Sahu, Qassim Aziz, and Yongji Im. This past September I was one of two juniors chosen to represent the U.S. junior boys team from the 24th-27th in Chile. During the training camp the week before the tournament actually began, I had a nasty surprise: when backhand looping, the bottom edge of my rackets handle caught the side of the table, and that side of the handle cracked. In surprise, I let go of my racket and the handle broke off. Good thing I brought a spare blade! Coach Emilia advised me to glue back on the handle my broken blade, just in case something else happened to my spare blade that I would now use during the tournament.

In the qualifier for singles, I beat players from Uruguay and Chile 3-0, but lost to a strong Argentine player 3-0. His serves were pretty deceptive and I had trouble reading them. In the main draw, I beat another Argentine player 4-1, but lost to a strong Spanish player 4-1, who would go on to be the finalist in the singles event. In the teams, I was paired with my friend Yahao Zhang from Colorado. We played really well against the Chilean B team, and won 3-2. In the next round, we faced the Canadian junior team, which consisted of Andre Ho and Pierre-Luc Theriault. I have played the Canadians many times before with mixed results, so it would not be easy. We ended up losing the team match 1-3. Later on I watched the strategies that other players used against Pierre-Luc and Andre, and won the second time that we played. Andre fought really hard, and came back to win a game against me where he was down 3-10.

Overall, the tournament was pretty exciting and fun. I realized that I should always have a spare blade and rubber, and also learned to fight harder.

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