An update from Preston Chin

Hi, this is my first blog for Joola.

Just to give some updates about what Ive been doing so far, Im currently in a table tennis training facility in China with the U.S. junior and cadet national teams. Ive been here for about ten days now. One week later, we will travel up to Montreal for a junior tournament for a little over a week. Im very excited to be training and playing with very talented Chinese players. Im not nearly at their level, but Ive learned a lot about game strategy and have done my best to improve my technique.

Ive also been training quite a lot with my coach, Shigang Yang at home in Atlanta. We do lots of intense drills, including multi-ball. Im having a lot of fun under his tutelage and feel like Im steadily improving as I prepare for bigger tournaments this year.

I just want to thank Joola for the equipment and support that they have provided me. I currently use Express on both sides and use the MC1 blade. It is extremely powerful and gives me a lot of speed and spin. I particularly noticed the effectiveness of my blade during my China trip, especially since I have been using a brand-new racket and new sheets of rubber.

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