Baseball's LA Dodgers Uses Table Tennis To Unwind

Spring training has started for baseball, and one of the main elements of training is to also stay loose and unwind.  The LA Dodgers have found an answer to that, table tennis!

As trivial as it might sound, the newest Dodgers toy has been a welcome addition. Clubhouse manager Mitch Poole bought it.
“It wasn’t my idea,” said Poole. “The boss, [manager] Donnie [Mattingly], told me to get it.”
“I can’t take credit for it,” Mattingly said. “It was James [Loney], in one of his wild moments. He texts me out of the blue and asks, ‘Can we get a Ping-Pong table for Spring Training?’ I thought it was a great idea.
“Over time, it gets boring. Ping-Pong is a good game. It’s competitive, good for hand-eye coordination and it’s reasonably safe. You don’t get a lot of turned ankles in Ping-Pong. It’s just something fun for the guys to have.”
Loney had a table in his Los Angeles home last year, and he found himself playing during a visit to the RBI Urban Youth Academy in Compton. He said it was in November when he texted the manager.
“I just figured it would help keep things loose for the guys,” Loney said. “I know the guys like to play. Why not? And it’s been great. Guys really enjoy it. And if somebody needs to take a break during the day, it’s there.”

We here at JOOLA USA know that table tennis is a great way to stay in shape, keep your mind sharp, and to unwind! Kudos to the LA Dodgers for joining in on the fun!
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