Blog Update: Ethan Chua

These past weeks have been very busy. Last week was California State Testing, this made it difficult to practice but I know this means that I should try harder even if it means to run or to serve. This week is my spring break, I’m really excited, I will be training hard every day with my coach. I have been trying to make even more use of my time when I’m at my club, GLTTC, because two of my coaches have not been there. I hope this year will be a good one and will be training in order to make it one.
Another reason I am writing this is to recommend a paddle set up. I think the paddle Flame Fast is a great paddle because it gives you speed and control. The rubbers I use are pheonix and express explode. I use express explode on my forehand. Express explode gives me speed and spin. I think its just a little harder than express one. I think phoenix is great for backhand, it gives you just the perfect amount of speed, spin and control. I hope my insights will help you pick out your new paddle or rubber.

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