Blog Update from Vikash

Prior to the North American Teams Championship tournament in November, I had the opportunity to train with members of the Canadian Girls Junior Team. Although I had school I was able to make the afternoon sessions of this training camp, and gained valuable insight under coaches Lily Yip and Jean-Baptiste Bertrand. Coach Lily noticed that when tired, I would perform drills at a lesser intensity. She told me that this reflected a common scenario during long matches; a player tires and thus performs the strokes differently, which negatively impacts timing and stroke mechanics. Even though I was tired I put in extra effort to finish my turn at the drill. Coach Bertrand told me that I was not using my body enough, and as a result my forearm and arm would get tired during forehand-oriented drills. When he showed me his stroke there was an extreme emphasis on legs and waist. This makes the legs and torso stronger and is a benefit for each component of ones game.

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