Brandon Geiger


Name: Brandon Geiger

Date of Birth: April 12, 1995

Club: Atlanta Georga Table Tennis Association

Residence: Atlanta, Georgia

Playstyle: Attacker, lots of spin

– Blade: MC-1
– Forehand Rubber: Energy X-tra
– Backhand Rubber: Air ROSnet

Hobby(s): playing the trumpet, tech things

Highest Rating: 623

Current Rating: 623

Short Term Goals: To get my rating up and try hard to improve in order to play like other tp juniors

Long Term Goals: To become the best I can be and play like Wang Hao, Ma Long, Ma lin or Wang Lichin

-2007 junior olympic 3rd place in doubles
-2007 or GA games 2nd place handicap
-2008 2nd in under 14 boys GA
-and more wins in GA tournaments

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