Chick-Fil-A Table Tennis

Chick-fil-A is a popular American fast food restaurant that specializes in, you guessed it, chicken! Whenever a new location opens, Chick-fil-A has a special promotion where the first 100 participants who comply to their contest rules, win one meal per week for a year. Recently, two of JOOLA USA’s own, Jonathan Messervy and Rich Heo, were able to be one of the lucky first 100 at a local grand opening.

The contest rules were that the first 100 had to stay within the vicinity for 24 hours. The guys got to the site at 5:45AM, and were ready to withstand the long wait, thanks to a JOOLA Midsize table! The table was a big hit with the fellow contest participants and the Chick-fil-A staff.  Not only were they able to pass the time, they also had fun time doing so! The two also organized a tournament, where 32 players competed to win the JOOLA Midsize table. A participant named Felix won the table, but in the end, everyone was a winner with free Chick-fil-A for a year!

JOOLA – For The Champion In You!
Official Apparel of the US National Team.
Official Table Sponsor of the US Open and US Nationals.
Official Table Tennis Equipment Supplier of the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics.

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