Club JOOLA Rockville Open – Jan 2008

$1000 Club JOOLA January Open

Jan. 26-27, 2008

Rockville, MD

By Larry Hodges, Tournament Director

After Raghu Nadmichettu lost the first three games of the Open final to Qassim Aziz, a spectator thought it was over, and left for Wendys. When he returned, single with cheese in hand, he took one look at the scoreboard Raghu serving up 10-8 match point in the seventh and said, roughly, What the @#$%&$?!!!

And yet it still wasnt over as Qassim, he of the Flash-like feet, deuced it, and led match point 11-10 and 12-11. Hes known for his relentless forehand looping, and no matter where Raghu would loop, Qassim would seemingly run it down and loop it back. Raghu is almost as fast and has a stronger backhand; Qassims pips-out backhand, good for returning serves, often let him down when forced off the table. Raghu finally completed the comeback, -8,-9,-7,8,7,7,12, as our spectator forgotten single with cheese grew cold.

Neither had easy routes to the final. In the quarterfinals, Raghu (rated 2333) was down 2-3 to Wally Green (2265) of New York before overcoming the lefty looper, -9,4,6,-9,-7,6,3. In the semifinals, he upset top-seeded Sean Lonergan (2477), -8,10,8,4,7. Qassim (2264, but usually about a hundred points higher than that) had a battle in the semifinals, where he won a seven-gamer over lefty penhold looper Richard Doverman (2321), 9,9,-4,-8,9,-9,2.

Senior winner John Wetzler (2356) also battled with Qassim in the quarters for three games before losing at 9,10,10,1. In the Senior Final, he won against Alex Meleshenko, 5,6,5. Alex, rated 1899, had upset second-seeded Richard Bowling (2130) in the semis,-7,10,8,7. But Richard had already won Under 2300 over Daniel Le, 12,8,10. Daniel also made the final of Under 2100, but split the final with Martin Del Vecchio.

Raul Rasay ended 10-year-old Tong Tong Gengs run for the Under 1900 title, winning the final at 4,3,7, but Tong Tong, rated 1661, had already wreaked havoc in the event, pulling off three major upsets on his way to the final. Other results are below.

Open Singles Final: Raghu Nadmichettu d. Qassim Aziz, -8,-9,-7,8,7,7,12; SF: Nadmichettu d. Sean Lonergan, -8,10,8,4,7; Aziz d. Richard Doverman, 9,9,-4,-8,9,-9,2; QF: Nadmichettu d. Wally Green, -9,4,6,-9,-7,6,3; Lonergan d. Marcus Jackson, 6,7,-11,7,-7,9; Doverman d. Larry Abass, 4,8,-7,-9,-5,5,2; Aziz d. John Wetzler, 9,10,10,1.

Under 2300 Final: Richard Bowling d. Daniel Le, 12,8,10; SF: Bowling d. Mark Radom, 4,4,5; Le d. Michael Shao, 5,-13,-5,11,8.

Under 2100 Final: Daniel Le & Martin Del Vecchio split final; SF: Le d. Raul Rasay, 11,7,7; Del Vecchio d. Michael Squires, -10,9,-9,7,11.

Under 1900 Final: Raul Rasay d. Tong Tong Geng, 4,3,7; SF: Rasay d. Alex Meleshenko, 4,-5,10,-11,10; Gong d. Lewis Bragg, 9,9,5.

Under 1700 Final: Varvara Zemskova d. Nelson Smith, 7,7,9; SF: Zemskova d. Larry Rose, 6,-5,-8,3,7; Smith d. Jon Hiratsuka, -9,-7,6,8,6.

Under 1500 Final: Larry Rose d. Jon Hiratsuka, -6,7,6,6; SF: Rose d. Ray Chen, 12,-10,7,7; Hiratsuka d. Ryan Lin, 4,-9,9,5.

Under 1300 Final: Shaheer Tariq d. Ryan Lin, 6,8,5; SF: Tariq d. Devin Peck, 8,5,6; Lin d. Elliot Meyerson, 12,6,4.

Under 1100 Final: Elliot Meyerson d. Dan Cohen, 9,5,8; SF: Meyerson d. Anthony Qu, 4,7,7; Cohen d. Devin Peck, 4,-10,-4,7,6.

Unrated: 1st Jonathan Ward; 2nd Bob Lehrman; 3rd Josh Miller; 4th Tuan Le.

Over 40: John Wetzler d. Alex Meleshenko, 5,6,5.

Under 18: Elissa Lin d. Toby Kutler, -4,7,-9,6,7.

Under 14: Ryan Lin d. Anthony Qu, -7,4,2,4.

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