[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Based in Rockville, MD, JOOLA USA partnered with our hometown NFL football team, the Washington Redskins, to create a custom 25mm table tennis table for their locker room.

The tournament-grade table features a durable multi-layer painted 1-inch thick MDF surface screen-printed with the Redskins logo and team colors – burgundy and gold. The custom screw-on net stands out against the sleek midnight black table with its screen-printed gold R’s and gold piping. The sturdy undercarriage with 1.5-inch steel legs and 3-inch locking caster wheels are made to withstand even the roughest play from these professional athletes. You can purchase your very own JOOLA Tour 2500, a similar, albeit not customized, table here.

Tony Wyllie, Senior VP of the Washington Redskins, said, “Our players are excited for JOOLA USA to create a custom table for the locker room. This has sparked the interest of table tennis amongst the team and they appreciate it very much!”

Table tennis tables have been a staple in offices for a while now, especially with the rise of startup-style company culture. Increasingly, they have started making appearances inside of sports teams’ locker rooms as well, giving players a productive outlet during their downtime.

Table tennis is a great activity for the locker room. As with all professional athletes, risk of injury is the biggest concern. Table tennis is a physical activity that is low-impact and easy on the joints. It’s a great way to improve leg, arm and core strength without worrying about injury. Table tennis improves hand-eye coordination as you’re always following the ball’s trajectory, encourages faster reflexes by focusing on both gross and fine muscle movements, and improves balance as footwork and the ability to quickly change direction is key to the game.

After a taxing day of practice, it can be easy to experience mental fatigue, but table tennis keeps the brain sharp by using strategy and exercise to stimulate different parts of the brain. “Crosswords and table tennis go great together, they’re both mind sports,” says Will Shortz, crossword puzzles editor for The New York Times.

As with any sport, communication and chemistry are key, especially when you’re trying to build a team of over 80 athletes. Table tennis can help improve communication and build relationships, which is vital in a team sport such as football.

Dr. Wendy Suzuki, professor of neuroscience and psychology at New York University, noted, “In ping pong, we have enhanced motor functions, enhanced strategy functions and enhanced long-term memory functions.” Even recreationally, table tennis offers a little bit of everything. No wonder the Washington Redskins partnered with JOOLA USA, the official table sponsor of USA Table Tennis, to create this special table for their players!

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