Erick Shahnazari

Name: Erick Shahnazari

Date of Birth:

Club: San Gabirel Valley

Residence: California, USA

Playstyle: All around

– Blade: Rossi Emotion
– Forehand Rubber: Express One
– Backhand Rubber: Tango Extreme

Hobby(s): Basketball, playing piano, watching soccer, skiing

Highest Rating: 1848

Current Rating: 1749

Short Term Goals:To become a member of the US Cadet Team

Long Term Goals: To become a member of the US Men’s Team, Play in the German Bundesliga

-2007 Joola NA tour, Berkeley boys U-13 champion
-2008 High Desert Open U-1900 champion
-2009 power Pong Open U-1850 champion & U-17 Juniors champion

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