Fader Fort By Fiat, NYC!

Fader Fort By Fiat NYC Line
Fader Fort by Fiat in New York City this past Friday and Saturday was a huge success!  Amazingly, the event was free of charge, with a full line up of talented artists and a seemingly never-ending supply of Bud Light, Bushmills, and Pepsi products.  Not surprisingly, the space hit its capacity early in the evening and the line continued throughout the night.  Upstairs in the VIP lounge, guests enjoyed product lounges, a private bar, and our very own Midsize table!
We hope you enjoy these pictures from the weekend!

Thank you so much to Fader Fort and all the staff at the event for producing such a great event and including JOOLA!

JOOLA – For The Champion In You!
Official table tennis equipment supplier  of the 1996, 2000, and 2004 Olympics.
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