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Hello, my name is Gerry Chua. My interest in photography dates back to when my father first began taking photos of me and my siblings when we were growing up, in Manila. He used a Rolliflex TLR (twin lens reflex) camera usinmg 120 film, most of them were black and white and later, circa 1965, he started shooting in color. I can remember my dad telling us to keep still as he took our pictures on vacation or just during special occasions. This was my first exposure to photography. Later on, when I was a teenager, I got a Kodak Brownie. Looking back, the Brownie seems so prehistoric.

I renewed interest in photography in 1977. My younger brother and I were on our way to the United States for graduate school. During the trip we had a two day stop over in Hong Kong. My brother, who was already involved in photography, bought himself a Nikon F2 and several lenses. I remember scolding him for spending so much money. I went for a cheap Minolta camera body and lens. However, after grad school, I lost interest in photography.

My daughter, Marielle, was born in 1992 and it was around this time that I felt it was the right time to buy some decent photo equipment to document my family life. For the first few years, I was content with the Canon EOS 630, it gave me auto focus and took great photos. Photography was soon becoming an addiction, so I had to have a body that was a step up – the EOS 3. Another two years flew by, so I got myself the best model that Canon had at this time – the Canon EOS 1v. I still have both of these two film cameras.

I have been told by many photographers over the years to invest in quality lenses, because they dont depreciate much. Unlike lenses, however, camera bodies come and go. Personally, I have always been a faithful Canon user. So I have accumulated lenses, a majority of them Canon, for 20 years. They have all served me well. I primarily shoot with a Canon 1DMK3 for table tennis. I prefer to use the 200mm 1.8 or the 135 2.0 when shooting sports.

I enjoy shooting table tennis because my children play this sport. Table tennis has taken me to a lot of big tournaments in the United States as well as Kuala Lumpur, Doha and Bremen, where I photographed the World Table Tennis Team Championships.

Both Marielle and Ethan have taken an interest in photography. We make annual trips to the Southwest in order to shoot Ethan’s favorite, landscapes. However, it is my daughter’s work that you will also be veiwing a long with my own. It’s hard not to spot her, especially when she’s carrying the 200mm lens on a monopod. Though Marielle also shoots by my side, she has also decided to play table tennis again.

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