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iPONG EXPERT Table Tennis Training Robot


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Need a table tennis practice partner? The iPONG Expert is, without a doubt, the simplest way to a fun, solo table tennis practice. There are zero controls to learn. Just hit the ON/OFF switch to start. Set it. Load it. And play! The innovative spiral-gravity design automatically feeds the balls, and eliminates ball-jams. And the clear outer shell provides you with a visual cue of how many balls remain to be launched. The iPONG Expert holds up to 20 balls, and is set with an easy-to-hit ball frequency (about 30 balls per minute). This enables practice of the fundamental forehand and backhand shots.

  • Ball Capacity: Up to 20 balls
  • Dimensions: 12in x 7in
  • Power Source: 4AA Batteries (not included)
  • Weight : 1.5lbs

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