Ishana Deb shares her thoughts

I am so excited to be sponsored by JOOLA, a table tennis brand that is known to support top performers! In order to start playing the real sport of table tennis, one needs the proper equipment and training. I just received my JOOLA equipment (new shoes, bag, paddle, etc.) and am proud to wear and use it every day. I am learning various techniques like counter loop and forehand smash. I am also doing strength training that works on building endurance. I participate in the Milpitas ICC Table Tennis boot camp where some of us train every Monday and Wednesday from 6:15 to 7:15AM, before going to school. The boot camp was started last year and is directed by ICC coach, Maggie Tian, who works very hard with us on our fitness program. Its very difficult to wake up for the boot camp but once we reach the center, it is fine.

Before I sign off, I wish all Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese players and coaches a very happy new year.

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