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JOOLA CUCKOO Table Tennis Shoe


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  • BREATHABILITY: Perforated toe box, upper, and tongue for breathability 
  • FLEXIBILITY: Complete fabric upper for absolute flexibility 
  • MINIMIZE STRESS: Shock-absorbing midsole puts less stress on your joints 
  • STAY IN CONTROL: Stabilizing outer sole allows for the perfect amount of grip 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs just 0.5lb (Size 43*) 

Weighing a mere 0.5lbs (size 43*), the JOOLA Cuckoo shoe is great for table tennis players who want to stay light on their feet. The shock-absorbing midsole mitigates stress on joints from quick, powerful movements while stability is maintained with a uniquely patterned non-slip, non-marking outer sole that allows for the perfect amount of grip and control. 

The upper is completely made of fabric, allowing for flexibility of movement. The perforated toe box, upper, and tongue allows moisture vapor to be easily transmitted through the thick fabric material to keep you feeling comfortable throughout trainings and tournaments. 

The JOOLA Cuckoo Shoe is the perfect table tennis shoe for players looking for a different, more lightweight option to other competition shoes.

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