Rockville, MD – JOOLA has announced its plans to launch the JOOLA Infinity Table Tennis Training Smart Robot powered by iPong. This app-controlled smart training robot is perfect for everyone from the tech enthusiast looking for a new hobby to the competitive pro-player. With its sleek black & white design, clean modern look, and advanced technological capabilities, there’s never been anything like it on the market.

JOOLA Infinity Sleek Design
The JOOLA Infinity’s sleek design means it’s totally encased with no loose wires

JOOLA brings over 65 years of experience in the professional table tennis industry and creates equipment for some of the world’s top-ranked players. Meanwhile, iPong has created multiple generations of table tennis training robots over the last 10 years. Combining their knowledge of table tennis and robotics manufacturing, they’ve created the ultimate table tennis training robot. Designed to exceed the features of its competitors, the JOOLA Infinity Robot has already been 5 years in the making and is wrapping up its final stages of development.

This new table tennis robot emulates the perfect training partner with its completely customizable settings for spin, frequency, speed, and trajectory. The Infinity Robot will be able to produce topspin, underspin, side spin and no spin while shooting with a frequency range of 30 to 100 balls per minute at varying speeds that can match even the highest caliber of players. You can also emulate any shot on the table since the Infinity Robot can seamlessly oscillate 150 degrees side-to-side and create ball trajectories of 30 degrees downwards to 50 degrees upwards.

Not only is the JOOLA Infinity Robot the perfect forever ping pong partner, but it’s your private table tennis coach as well. Connected via Bluetooth, select from pre-programmed drills through the mobile app that teach you table tennis fundamentals such as receiving serves, loops, pushes, and lobs.  JOOLA plans to tap into their extensive network of world-ranked players and coaches, like German National Team Coach & ITTF Coach of the Year, Joerg Rosskopf, to create regularly updated content for their app. The completed UI/UX design is intuitive and easy to use.

One of the most unique features of the JOOLA Infinity Robot is that it comes with an infinity-play net. It was designed with a ball-recycling system that funnels the balls right back into the robot for constant non-stop action.

As it reaches the final stages of development and enters into manufacturing, JOOLA is making the Infinity Robot available on Kickstarter for pre-orders with some very generous backer packages. With plans to release in December 2020, the robot is set to retail for $999.99, Kickstarter packages start at $499. Some early bird backers can even get a Trainer Motion while they wait for their new JOOLA Infinity Robot.