JOOLA Sponsored player, Tina Lin, featured in local newspaper


Tina Lin, JOOLA Sponsored Player

Tina Lin

DUNELLEN – Tina Lin is a polite, soft-spoken 14-year-old Edison High School student.

Then she picks up a table tennis paddle. And when she’s playing table tennis, Tina Lin is nothing short of fierce.

She moves with incredible quickness, snapping the ball back to her practice partner just as soon as it’s arrived, swaying back and forth with the paddle in her hand, concentrating intently as the ball whips back and forth, back and forth, adjusting for spin, firing it back. Her table tennis skills, on display in Dunellen – a borough with an incredibly high concentration of nationally recognized table tennis talent – got her selected for the United States table tennis team.

“It’s all mental,” Tina said. “It’s about keeping your composure.”

Tina will compete for team America in Paris in Mayafter doing well enough in the national championships earlier this year in San Diego. She beat Olympian Erica Wu and took fifth place at the tournament. She’s the youngest player on the team.


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