JOOLA to Release Patent-Pending Table Tennis Rubber Cleaning Wipes

JOOLA, a leader in the table tennis industry since 1952, is ready to change the table tennis cleaner category with the announcement of the release of their patent-pending Table Tennis Rubber Cleaning Wipes at the upcoming World Veteran Table Tennis Championship in Las Vegas on June 18th, 2018.

JOOLA North America President, Richard Lee, said the call to develop this product came from a need to have a simple and convenient way to clean the rubber on a table tennis racket.

“As a table tennis player myself, I’ve often had to abandon bottled cleaners at the airport on my way to tournaments due to TSA carry-on regulations or I just didn’t have enough room in my equipment bag to fit a bottle of cleaner and a sponge. When you’re traveling to tournaments or even just to the club, it’s inconvenient to have to carry around additional bulk. This is a great single use, lightweight, and easy-to-travel-with option.” Lee said.

Gordon Kaye, CEO of USA Table Tennis (USATT), expressed his excitement for the innovative product by saying, “The wipes will significantly increase the ease at which players can quickly clean their paddles in between matches and maintain a more accurate level of play. We are also thrilled that a portion of the proceeds from the paddle wipes sales will be donated to support USATT.”

New rubber has better gripping ability and when it hits a ball, it delivers a clean shot. When the rubber experiences repeated use, collections of debris and oil on the rubber can cause inconsistencies in the grip of the rubber surface. Dirty rubber also wears out faster. Paddles should always be cleaned after each use to extend the durability and lifespan of the rubber.

JOOLA’s patent-pending Table Tennis Paddle Cleaning Wipes are small, lightweight, and easily transportable. The single-use wipes fit easily into any paddle case or table tennis bag, making it optimal for equipment maintenance whether you’re in between matches at a tournament or on your way to the table tennis club. They are sold in packs of 18 individually wrapped wipes and will be available online at and with table tennis specialty retailers.

The alcohol and bleach-free formula is also antistatic, which reduces cling of debris and rejuvenates the paddle rubber to bring back the spin and speed after each use. The wipes are made with 100% plant-based cellulose material, which is bio-degradable, environmentally friendly, and skin & rubber safe.

Eve Yen, CEO of wipe manufacturer Diamond Wipes International, expressed, “We are big supporters of the US Table Tennis National Team and USATT, so we are thrilled to continue to show support for the sport by partnering with JOOLA to bring this product to market.”


JOOLA was first established in Germany in the 1950s and quickly became a leading manufacturer of table tennis equipment. It gained international recognition by sponsoring several World Championships, and eventually became the table sponsor for the 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney, and 2004 Athens Games. In 2006, JOOLA emerged onto the US table tennis scene with a vision to promote the sport of table tennis by providing the highest quality table tennis equipment to fit all table tennis lifestyles from the basement to the world champion player.

About USA Table Tennis

USA Table Tennis is organized under the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of table tennis in the United States. As a member service organization, it promotes table tennis by creating opportunities for athletes and coaches of all backgrounds to participate in the sport through more than 250 clubs and over 350 tournaments across the nation annually. USA Table Tennis is a member of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and is responsible for selecting and training teams for international competition including the Pan American and Olympic Games.

About Diamond Wipes

20 years ago, Diamond Wipes started off with humble beginnings as owner Eve Yen, then a new immigrant from Taiwan, founded the company by selling freshly packaged moist hand wipes to local Chinese restaurants in Southern California. Today, Diamond Wipes has grown to over 300 team members strong and counting, delivering wet wipes and services to some of the top global companies and brands.



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