JOOLA USA visits the Big Apple!

New York City, one of the most bustling cities in the world is also one of the most active in the table tennis scene. From Flushing to Brooklyn to Manhattan, JOOLA USA traveled to visit the table tennis clubs of New York. Unfortunately two days was just not enough to visit the enormous amount of clubs located in the state of New York. With little time at hand and lots of traffic, we were able to visit a total of six clubs: Friendship Table Tennis Club, Brooklyn Table Tennis Club, New York Table Tennis Club, New York Table Tennis, Inc., Spin New York, and Wang Chen Table Tennis Club.

Our first stop was at the Friendship Table Tennis Club in Flushing. With ice cold water, which we all took in gratefulness, Coach Min welcomed us into his club covered professionally with flooring and packed full of JOOLA tables.

After taking a picture with Coach Min and one of the coaches of Friendship Table Tennis Club, we set off towards Brooklyn to visit the Nison’s Brooklyn Table Tennis Club. Nison Aronov, a previous USSR champion, was enthusiastic as he talked about his plans to promote table tennis in Brooklyn.

Making our way back into Flushing, we came across Coach Liu’s New York Table Tennis Club and Jennifer Choi’s NYTT, Inc. We stopped by at both clubs to play table tennis and visit the coaches and players. At NYTT, Inc. we bumped into one of our sponsored players, Yonji Im, and took a group picture ending our day 1 trip.

On the second day of Team JOOLA’s trip to New York, we spent most of the day at Spin New York, a brand new table tennis club in Manhattan. The decor in Spin New York was trendy and hip just like everything else in Manhattan. Along with the 15 JOOLA 3000SC tables in place, it looked like table tennis heaven. We couldn’t suppress our urge to play table tennis and ended up hitting around a few. In the late afternoon, we took a little break and went visit Bryant Park.

In Bryant Park, two new JOOLA City tables are set up, welcoming recreational players to a free game of table tennis. When we arrived, the sign up sheet almost full and there was a 45 minute wait. It was amazing to see the amount of players waiting on the sidelines to use these outdoor tables. It seems like a great way to meet new people and other fans of table tennis.

Then we stopped by the Wang Chen Table Tennis Club for a surprise visit, unfortunately Wang Chen was out of town. So we headed back to Spin New York and enjoyed the rest of the day in the new and hip table tennis club in downtown Manhattan, ending our trip with a photo with Andrew, Franck, Jonathan, and Wally.

JOOLA USA had a great time in New York and will definitely be visiting again, hopefully soon. We are hoping that more cities around this nation will learn from the active table tennis community New York has to offer. Stay tuned for more road trips by JOOLA USA. Next stop: the midwest.

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