King Pong in SoHo!

King Pong in SoHo
Still looking for your NYC table tennis destination? Well, look no further!
A full-time, full-service table tennis facility serving a wide range of table tennis players, King Pong opened its doors earlier this year in the trendy neighborhood of SoHo in New York City. The street level club has eight tables for fun and competitive play, and it also attracts clientele with its spacious lounge area, balcony, and bar. Staffed with several high-level coaches, excellent lighting, and professional wood flooring, King Pong strives to provide optimal playing conditions for players who want to improve their game.
King Pong in SoHo
King Pong in SoHoKing Pong's Lounge Area
King Pong's Bar/Lounge Area
King Pong in SoHo
King Pong is a JOOLA exclusive club, featuring the official table of the US Open, US Nationals, and the North American Teams Championships. As a result, its club members are able to train on the same table surface used in most major tournaments held in the US.
Inside King Pong in SoHoKing Pong in SoHo
King Pong in SoHoKing Pong in SoHo
If you’re in town, be sure to stop by and check out King Pong! For more information, please visit our club page or go to King Pong’s website directly: and! You can also email them at

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