Tips and Tricks with Carl Danner: Learning From Mismatches

You may find yourself matched up with a much weaker opponent in club play, or a tournament early round.  While such players’ games may not challenge you very much, you can gain something by focusing on serve and return.  Your serves, in particular, can be just as carefully placed, spun and disguised as against anyone else.  And this opponent’s serves offer a good opportunity to practice your return game, especially on the long ones that should be attacked.

Try a tight focus like that, instead of fooling around the next time you encounter a mismatch in your favor.

About the Author

Carl Danner is a rare gem you find in table tennis. As a former nationally ranked and rated player, he offers a lot of insight into the game, especially when it comes to understanding the physical mechanics, movements, and techniques involved in becoming a better player. Director and Secretary US Table Tennis Association Foundation from 2004 to 2008 and current USATT High Performance Committee Chair, Danner is passionate, qualified, and committed to growing the sport of table tennis.


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