Memorial Day Weekend is a great holiday to fit in some extra family time. The kids have off school, the weather is finally nice and businesses are closed. It’s time to put away the screens we’re constantly attached to and spend some quality time together! Sometimes it can be hard to plan a three-day weekend, so JOOLA has come up with the ultimate Memorial Day Weekend Guide.

1. Sleep in Late

Sleeping in is something often taken for granted, but it’s definitely important enough to make the list. Everything is closed on Memorial Day; there’s nowhere you have to be and no errands to be run. It’s time to relax and enjoy family and sunshine!

2. Pool Time

It’s supposed to be hot this Memorial Day. Take advantage of the nice weather (finally!) and jump in the pool. There are plenty of pool games available to keep the kids entertained, our favorite being the Hit Mit. It’s like table tennis, but in water!

3. Table Tennis Tournament

A little friendly competition never hurts. Start a table tennis tournament with the family or friends. It’s easy to make your own bracket and see who is the real table tennis champ! JOOLA has tables for inside or out, so you can play in the living room or fresh out of the pool.

4. Throw a BBQ

Have friends and family over to eat good food and chat around a bonfire. Nothing tastes better after a day of swimming and playing table tennis than a good burger or some ribs. If meat’s not your jam, grill up some veggies!