Peter Li's Practice Drills In China

By Peter Li
In my last blog I told you about the benefits of training and competing internationally. Today I’ll talk about some of the drills that we do in each practice at the training facility in China.
A typical practice starts at 8 in the morning. Prior to this, we do basic stretching and warm-up exercises. It is especially important to warm up your back and wrist, as I have had negative experiences with being injured because of improperly warming up these areas.
Then at 8 we do basic forehand and backhand counterdriving for 15 minutes. The mentality of training is to utilize the forehand attack as the main offensive technique in match situations. Consequently, our first drill is a random forehand loop drill where the partner blocks the ball back anywhere within 2/3rds of the right side of the table (extending a bit past the white center line).  This goes on for 12 minutes.
Next we practice a serve and attack drill for 12 minutes each, where one player will serve and then play out the point as though it were a point in a match.
After this we do the Falkenberg drill (1 backhand, 1 forehand from the backhand corner, and 1 forehand from the forehand corner) for 12 minutes each. With this drill there is a lot of moving around and it is easy to get tired, so you have to focus on trying to move correctly to every ball.
After this we have a break and move on to more service drills. I hope this insight will help others to continue to improve their game!

Peter Li is a JOOLA sponsored player who has been a part of the US National Men’s, Junior, and Cadet teams. For more information on Peter, check out his profile here
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