Pick A Distance

When you practice, it is important to select a distance to station yourself from the table that suits your game. Someone who stays close to the table must perform strokes quickly and efficiently because there is less time to react to an opponent’s shot. In contrast, someone who plays a mid-distance game has more time to fully execute strokes, but there is more distance to cover between movements. Pick a style that capitalizes on your strengths and alleviates your weaknesses. For example, when I play too close to the table, it is harder for me to impart the desired amount of speed and spin on the ball because I have less time to make a full stroke. I choose to stay a bit farther back so that I can complete my strokes, but close enough so that I don’t have to cover extra ground when moving. Also, remember to always train according to your distance, because you will more than likely be playing at this distance in matches and in tournaments.

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