Rade Markovic appointed as Co-Managing Director of JOOLA

SIEBELDINGEN, GERMANY – Following the acquisition of JOOLA Tischtennis, GmbH. by Sport Squad, Inc., Richard Lee, President of the company, has appointed Rade Markovic as new Co-Managing Director of JOOLA Tischtennis alongside the previous owner, Michael Bachtler. Rade Markovic will be joining JOOLA as VP of Sales and Marketing.

Rade Markovic, Co-Managing Director of JOOLA

Previously, a 15-year member of the Yugoslavian/Serbian National Team, he has participated in many World Championships and European Championships. In addition to making it as a top 100 level world-class table tennis player, Markovic has served as product manager for JOOLA Tischtennis, GmbH for over 12 years. He has deep knowledge of the European market and has a huge network within the global table tennis community.

“Since 1992, Rade has dedicated his career to table tennis through different roles, giving him a broad perspective and overview of the sport,” said Richard Lee. “His institutional knowledge of JOOLA combined with his broad perspective of table tennis is invaluable and I am confident that we will continue to be an innovator in the industry because of what Rade brings to the table.”

For the past three years, Markovic has also served as the Head Coach for ASV Grunwettersbach and KITT Centre. The ASV Grunwettersbach team plays in the German Bundesliga (TTBL).

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