Richard Bowling


Richard Bowling – Coach

Richard Bowling, a passionate player, coach, and continuing researcher of the sport of table tennis, has twice trained abroad (Sweden & Romania) as a full-time table tennis player; has received instruction from several national, and international coaches, and has a keen eye for the modern TT technique and strategy. In his coaching sessions with beginner-thru-advanced players, Richard uses a gentle but informative coaching style to help his students improve their overall game: proper use of the body & wrist; balance & footwork; ball contact & timing; strategic shot selection & ball placement; serve & attack; and more.

Richard is formerly the top ranked table tennis player from the state of Rhode Island, previous Guinness World record holder for the worlds longest rally, and is an active tournament competitor (highest rating 2243, Sept. 08); and has also competed in 10 consecutive North American Teams Table Tennis Championships (98-07).

Richard has trained with Marylands best table tennis players – and has coached all playing levels – here at Club Joola since January 2008.

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