Rubber Technologies


JOOLA has made the decision to cease using the old numerical system of rubber rating. We believe that our new classification system is easier to understand and that an exact classification into very precise ratings is impossible and highly subjective.

We will keep the traditional categories of playing features, but classification now has only 4 levels:

extra high

Playing strategies and the correct choice of rubber

In order to choose the most suitable equipment every player should decide into which playing strategy they fall:

Classic, pure defensive play behind the table with occasional attacking shots.
Modern defensive play, also at the table, with positioned offensive shots.
Modern defensive play using special rubbers (e.g. JOOLA Fakir), aimed at disturbing the opponents offensive play.
Play with a basic tendency for a safe, controlled, allround topspin game.
Offensive play with precise attacking shots and variation of topspin.
Offensive play with hard final shots and aggressive topspin, close to the table most of the time.
Offensive play, aggressive topspin shots and hard final strokes.

In the following survey the rubbers are classified into the different playing strategies, which makes it easy for the player to choose the most suitable category.


Rubber Technologies

TENSOR Technology

A special substance is incorporated between the molecules of the caoutchouc which provides a permanent inner tension in the sponge and upper rubber. This gives the rubber more elasticity, more spin, mores speed and more feeling. This is the reason for the incomparable play and the distinctive sound of Tensor.

GREEN POWER Technology

Green Power is a rubber technology, whereby the performance achieved from fresh glueing is permanently incorporated into the rubber. Trajectory, playing feeling and the sound of fresh glueing are ever present features of this new product. Green Power incorporated speed glueing effect

Generation Power

With GP technology both the rubber and sponge are glued under extreme pre-tension. The result is an enormous integral power which especially develops at topspin shots.

NANONET Technology

With NANONET technology the vulcanization process of the caoutchouc blend is controlled in such a way that the speed glue effect and dynamic ball bounce is drastically increased.

NANONET-Technology makes table tennis so easy

icu Technology

Made in Germany icu technology is the intelligent response to more speed. The density of the cellular knots is increased by 12% in the upper rubber, which makes the ball travel in a more arched trajectory, enabling more ball control and spin whilst maintaining speed.

ROSnet Technology

A totally new molecular structure that allows the ball to bury itself in the rubber so that it practically catapults out! A rubber with ROSnet technology is 10% lighter than normal rubbers. Thus a thicker sponge can be used without loss of control.

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