Schaumburg Labor Day Open

JOOLA partnered again with the Schaumburg Table Tennis Club, who hosted another successful USATT-sanctioned tournament over Labor Day weekend. A total of eight groups participated in a round robin. The four lower groups played in the morning and the higher four groups competed in the afternoon. A total of 10 new players joined the event, and eight of them were juniors! We are very excited that table tennis is attracting youth in the area and hopeful that the sport will continue to grow! Organizations like Schaumburg TTC and the dedicated individuals that run it have been instrumental in the recent success of the sport.

Class A: 1st. Wojciech Wolski, 2nd. Junduo Zhao, 3rd. Haibin Huang.

Class B: 1st. Bodan Plugowski, 2nd. Jorge Vanegas.

Class C: 1st. Robert Douglass, 2nd. Jaroslaw Stastny.

Class D: 1st. Karol Horodenski, 2nd. Andranik Mehrabian.

Class E: 1st. Mathew Morris, 2nd. Van Thanh Le.

Class F: 1st. David Perrine, 2nd. Ron Cassidy.

Class G: 1st. Marvin McBride, 2nd. Zachary Moy.

Class H: 1st. Benjamin Bush, 2nd. Jeremy Bush.


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