Schaumburg Table Tennis Club's Fall Open Results

JOOLA was a sponsor for Schaumburg Table Tennis Club’s Fall Open last Saturday, November 5, 2011!  A total of 77 participants competed in 7 events.
Check out the results!
JOOLA sponsored Schaumburg Fall OpenOpen Singles:
1st. Maria Kretschmer, 2nd. Wojciech Wolski.  Semifinal: Spenser Lam and Alexander Mehrabian.
Under 2150:
1st. Spenser Lam, 2nd. Junduo Zhao.  Semifinal: Federico Bassetti and Alexander Mehrabian.
JOOLA sponsored Schaumburg Fall OpenUnder 1900:
1st. Hussain Khan , 2nd. Amano Remtula. Semifinal: Arcot Naresh and Marian Harasimowicz.
Under 1700:
1st. Sobota Sylwester, 2nd. Jeffrey Zazove.  Semifinal: Stanley Stankiewicz and Shshank Garg.
Under 1500:
1st. Hui Lin , 2nd. Yongyu Zhao. Semifinal: Michal Tomal and Dennis  Palys.
Under 1300:
1st. Rommel Lanuza, 2nd. Igor Botkin. Semifinal: Dennis Palys and Usmani Hassam.
Under 1100:
1st. Mahmoon Khan , 2nd. George Dousmanis. Semifinal: James Rosen and Michael Zhao.

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