Schaumburg Table Tennis Club's Summer Open Results

JOOLA supported Schaumburg Table Tennis Club’s Summer Open over the weekend and it was a fabulous event!  Nearly 80 participants competed in seven events.  Here are the results and some visual highlights from the tournament:
Open Singles: 1st Wojciech Wolski, 2nd. Artur Kurek.  Semifinal: Nafaz Baker and Oluwole Ayangade.
Under 2200: 1st. Junduo Zhao, 2nd. Leon Li. Semifinal: Haibin Huang and Nafaz Baker.
Under 1950: 1st. Leonid Vilinski , 2nd. Tadao(Tom) Inui. Semifinal: Robert Douglas and Hussain A. Khan.
Under 1750: 1st. Ed Chang, 2nd. Christos Dousmanis . Semifinal: Michael Wolski and Marian Harasimowicz.
Under 1500: 1st. Marian Harasimowicz , 2nd. Michael Wolski. Semifinal: Elroy Rasmussen and David Perrine.
Under 1200: 1st. Nathalie Gribinski, 2nd. Zachary Moy. Semifinal: Mehmet Soysal and Igor Botkin.
Under 900: 1st. Michael Zhao , 2nd. Yunus Syed, Semifinal: Arnold Ami and Michael Salaman.

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