Schaumburg TTC Summer Open

Schaumburg TTC Summer Open

Last month,Schaumburg Table Tennis Centerhosted it’s own tournament and usedJOOLA’s 3 Star Super ballsfor the competition. A total of 72 participants (there was limited space) played in the event, which was run in the form of a huge round robin played on eight tables. The event attracted a diverse crowd from beginners to advanced. The event was very successful and another tournament is already in the works!
Here are the results:
Class A: 1st. Wojciech Wolski, 2nd. Jundo Zhao, 3rd. Joseph Yoon.
Class B: 1st. John Bian, 2nd. Seon Ho Kim, 3rd. Alexander Mehrabian.
Class C: 1st. Yong Jian Xue, 2nd. Tadao Inui, 3rd. Douglas Wruck.
Class D: 1st. Jaroslaw Stastny, 2nd. Henryk Polecki, 3rd. Tadeusz Laskowski.
Class E: 1st. Krzysztof Pulchalski, 2nd. Grzegorz Kasperski, 3rd. Marcus Ryu.
Class F: 1st. Rimuydas Rakauskas, 2nd. Krzysztof Kopacz, 3rd. Mark Hoffman.
Class G: 1st. Kevin Yu, 2nd. Michael St. Cloud, 3rd. Pavel Lapitsky.
Class H: 1st. Gregory Ray, 2nd. Michael Wolski, 3rd. Jason Shaver.
Reviews on theJOOLA Super 3-Star Balls

“I played with theJoola ballat the last tournament I entered and have no problem with it. I thought the Joola ball was as good or better than the three star nittauku or three star butterfly balls. You have my recommendations”Bobby D.

“The Schaumburg tournament on July 31 was the first time that I played with theJOOLA Super ball, and I was VERY impressed by it. It had a very solid, consistent feeling and bounce from ball to ball. It was also very durable; I don’t think I saw one break at all.” –Doug W.

“I really enjoyed the tournament last weekend. As you know it was my first, and definitely not my last.

My testimonial about the JOOLA Super Ballis that is bounced true and was easy to spot in the gym. It just didnt bounce to my favor often enough”Doug K.

“The JOOLA Super ballis nice and heavy and has a way of finding the table- good for the long pips combination game”Mark John H.

Schaumburg TTC Summer OpenSchaumburg TTC Summer Open

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