Steven Chan update: New equipment

Hi, just a quick update of what I have been doing. I have just switched from the Bomb Fast to some new equipment from Joola, and heres a quick review. I am currently using the Flame Extreme and it is one of the fastest blades Ive used in a while. It has a very concrete feeling when I loop and smash. It lacks a bit of control at the lower speeds, but this is a offense plus blade so it is expected to have this characteristic. The harder you hit with this blades the better it feels. Surprisingly it is one of my favorite blades at the moment. The Phenix rubber complements the Flame Extreme exceptionally well, with a semi high throw, it is perfect for close and mid distance attack. This extremely fast blade is also perfect for chinese rubber (Drum, Spring Thunder, Brave). It holds the ball on the blade a split second longer than most carbon blades, which gives the ball a massive amount of spin but without losing any speed. In conclusion, this blade is not for the average allround player, but it is for a person who loves to hit the ball hard and bash through anything that stands in their way to win a point.

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