Table Shipment Notice

What you need to know about shipping your table tennis table

Shipping a table tennis table is a big deal. It involves big boxes, big trucks, and lots of pressure to do it right the first time. But rest assured, we’ve been shipping table tennis tables around the world for 70+ years and we’ll treat your table as if it was the most important one we’ve ever sent, because it is.

Where does ship to?

  • Orders from can only be shipped within the United States.
  • Outside of the USA? Don’t fret, we have hundreds of distributors around the globe. For international shipping please visit to find a JOOLA distributor in your country.

How are table tennis tables shipped? 

  • First and foremost, very carefully in boxes specially packed to prevent any damage.
  • Table Tennis tables are big and require a big truck. All tables are shipped via freight, also sometimes referred to as LTL shipping.
  • We work with experienced third-party freight carriers. This ensures that your table is being handled by professionals who know how to handle heavy shipments.
  • Freight deliveries are scheduled with the carrier via phone once the item arrives at your local distribution center. Please remember to include your phone number when ordering, otherwise there may be delays in processing your order.

Will the delivery driver bring the box inside?

  • There is nothing we would love to do more than to help you set up your table and play that first game with you. Unfortunately, standard delivery is to the curbside only.
  • Some freight operators may offer special delivery services for an additional fee, such as inside delivery and white glove (room of choice). If you would like to schedule a special delivery, please reach out to our Customer Service team prior to placing your order to confirm the pricing and availability of the service.
  • If you think your delivery location may be difficult for a large truck to access, please let us know prior to submitting your order. Big trucks don’t like surprises.
  • An adult must be present at the time of delivery. Shipments will not be left unless signed for.

What happens once I order? 

  • Freight or LTL shipping works differently than your typical e-commerce delivery. With these shipments, you – the customer, will need to do a few things to ensure the delivery goes smoothly.
  • The most important thing you can do is read your emails (be sure to check those spam folders) and answer the phone or return any messages. We have customers who instinctively ignore calls from unknown numbers, so please be on the lookout for a phone number you may not recognize.
  • Once the table has been shipped, a notification a PRO (tracking number) will be provided. They may call you or you may be responsible for contacting the local terminal to schedule a delivery time with the freight company. Don’t worry, our customer service team is here to help with any questions or just confirm with you what is needed.
  • Most freight companies require a four-hour time window for delivery. Please remember that an adult must be present at that time.