Table Tennis Fitness – Shadow Practice

Table Tennis Shadow Practice
By Tom Nguyen
If you’re a serious player, you know how grueling table tennis training can be physically. It requires fast reflexes and cardio if you want to perform at the highest levels. Just take a look at the video below:

Of course, not everyone has the speed or proper technique to do these drills, but it’s something you can work towards. This is where the importance of shadow practice comes into play. Table tennis isn’t the only sport where this type of training is vital. Boxers and martial artists constantly use shadow boxing to refine their technique, footwork, and visualization of their game plans. Take a look at boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao at the 54 second mark in the video below:

No matter what level player you are, shadow practice can help integrate your stroke and footwork into muscle memory and it’s great to do when you don’t have a practice partner lined up. Remember that you are in control of the intensity/pace of the drills you create as well. Watch the video below featuring a new trend of aerobic table tennis. Good luck on your training and have fun getting fit!

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