Team JOOLA visits Grace Lin TTC

Before the 2009 JOOLA Tour finals , Team JOOLA made a visit to Grace Lin’s new table tennis club.

Grace Lin Table Tennis Club has moved to a brand new site since June 6, 2009. As it is well known:

1.This state-of-art international standard facility, size of 5000 square feet with 25 high ceiling, is equipped with 10 JOOLA (Germany-made) tables and red rubber floor. Being spacious, bright and air-flowing, it provides players with an ideal exercise ground.

2. Grace Lin, previously a Chinese national team member and a Chief Coach of Fujian Province, is now in charge of the coaching courses in this club. She received the USATT Developmental Coach of year in 2005 and is one of the most experienced coaches in the West Coast.

3. This club has so far trained numerous youngsters, such as Jeff Lin Huang, Steve Chan, Mark Wei, Alicia Wei and Sophia Yi, who have won high rankings in competition events of the North America and the world. Other junior league players, such as Anand Engineer, Ethan Chua, Justin Nguyen, and Ellen Hwang , have also obtained high ranking in the USA major competitions.

4. This club has absorbed high-level players, such as Jim Du, Jessie Mai and Thilina Piyadasa , and welcome players of any ratings.

5. This club is proudly sponsored by world-class manufacturers and distributors, such as JOOLA, Juic and Paddle Palace, which provide members with the best available table tennis equipment.

The mission statement of this club is to play to win with three main goals in mind:

1. To promote table tennis with loving care and patience, especially for children, and to train and educate table tennis lover to reinforce their mind and skills.

2. To provide elders with a healthy and fun playing field so as to increase their physique ability and anti-aging spirits.

3. To offer best table tennis equipments, such as blades, rubber, shoes and others related items, and tips to select from various manufacturers.

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