The latest from Willy Xiao

The Invitational Atlanta Table Tennis Team Tournament that we ran in April was overall very successful. You can check out our winners and our website at www.!
I finished AP Exams about a week ago, so I only have to go to school for about one hour a day. I have a lot of time to play table tennis and just to relax. Right now, I’m still training lots of younger players, but I’m also going to start practicing again so that I can play competitively for my college team when the time comes.
All benefits aside, playing table tennis is just really fun. Every year there are two tournaments at our school between all the students and faculty (not very many play though). Students meet during their lunch periods, free periods, or before and after school and play their match. The tournament takes about 1-2 months, but it’s a lot of fun and a lot of students come to watch the semis/finals. Table Tennis tournaments such as these are fairly common in workplaces, schools, and even on cruise ship. It makes me happy to know how to play, and I always have a blast.
For now, let’s go summer!

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