Tina Lin shares her struggle with allergies

Ahh… the time has come again for the allergies to attack. Oh, the sneezing and coughing and the irritating, itching eyes. Spring has arrived and the flowers have began to blossom. It’s a good thing that the sport of table tennis is indoors! However, the allergies still get to you. For the people out there that are lucky to not be allergic to pollen, be happy. It’s not fun having to control my itching eyes while trying to focus on a small ping pong ball flying back and forth on the table. Plus, the occasional sneeze that comes now and then along with the coughing fits that are certainly not very pleasant. However, I must overcome these symptoms because pollen allergies come in a package. While practicing, I have to pause every few minutes to comfort my hurting eyes. There is only about 1 month left to go until I can finally bid the allergies, “Good-bye!” I can’t wait until that day when I can finally go back to playing table tennis without having to rub at my eyes or grab a tissue! 🙂

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