Update: 2013 Schaumburg TTC Chinese New Year Open

Results from Schaumburg Table Tennis Club’s most recent tournament!

Community Recreation Center
505 N. Springinsguth Road
Schaumburg, Illinois 60194

Chinese New Year Open
Schaumburg, IL
January 21, 2012

Last Saturday on February 2, 2013, Schaumburg Table Tennis Club hosted a one-star USATT-sanctioned tournament at the Community Recreation Center. This one-day event attracted 78 players from around Chicago and Midwest region, who came to compete in the Chinese New Year Open.

Here are the results:

Open Singles:
1st. Wojciech Wolski. 2nd. Xue Yong Jian. Semis: Janusz Franeczek, and Igor Iurchuk.

Under 2200:
1st. Oluwole Ayangade. 2nd. Igor Iurchuk . Semis: Xue Yong Jian, and Marc Villanueva.

Under 2000:
1st. Dominic Perbey. 2nd. Muris Silic. Semis: Christos Dousmanis, and Farid Kade .

Under 1800:
1st. Mahmood Khan. 2nd. Hui Lin. Semis: Van Le, and Tuyet Lui.

Under 1550:
1st. Hui Lin. 2nd. Jeffrey Liao. Semis: Pavlo Kravchenko, and Sarah Zhou.

Under 1300:
1st. Sid Naresh . 2nd. Advitheey Chelikani . Semis: Trey Rucie, and Dennis Palys.

Under 1100:
1st. Aftab Ahmed 2nd. Luke Slomba. Semis: Daniel Kondas, and Trey Runcie.

Congratulations to the winners!


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