Vikash's Blog Update

Working over the Summer has given me a new appreciation for time management. It’s summertime, and with more free time during the day it’s easy to waste away several hours at a time. To prevent this, I plan my training for upcoming months in a schedule; for example, 6:00-7:00 P.M. four days a week is allocated for physical training. On a more specific scale, you can keep your practice sessions efficient by making a plan beforehand-think about what aspects of your game you want to work on, and make a list of drills that exercise these components prior to your training sessions. This way your practices stay focused and do not succumb to unsuitable drills or spur of the moment laziness. It’s also good to plan out training schedules based on upcoming tournaments to ensure that all aspects of your game have been sufficiently practiced. Staying organized helps maintain discipline and adds to mental focus during matches as well.
Good luck training.

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